Tell U.S. Dairies You Don't Want GE Alfalfa

Despite public opposition, the USDA recently approved Monsanto's Roundup Ready, genetically engineered alfalfa for commercial planting in the absence of sound science to prove that contamination can be prevented or that it is safe for human health or the environment.

Alfalfa is primarily used as animal feed in dairies. Now that GE alfalfa has been cleared for commercial production, dairies need to hear from you that you will not purchase dairy products from companies that allow GE alfalfa!

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Please pledge to use only non-GMO alfalfa

To whom it may concern,

I am strongly opposed to the commercial planting of genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa. Although the USDA has recently approved Monsanto's Roundup Ready, GE alfalfa significant questions remain concerning its effects on consumers and the environment, and the serious contamination risks it poses to non-GMO and organic farmers and to our food supply.

I care about how the dairy I buy for myself and my family is produced and I will not buy dairy products that come from cows fed genetically engineered alfalfa. Please protect our health and environment by pledging to use only non-GMO alfalfa.

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