Tell FDA to Label Genetically Engineered Food

In the U.S., we pride ourselves on having choices and making informed decisions. Under current U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, we don't have that choice when it comes to genetically engineered (GE) ingredients in the foods we purchase and feed our families.

GE foods are required to be labeled in the 15 European Union nations, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world. A poll released by ABC News found that 93 percent of the American public wants the federal government to require mandatory labeling of GE foods.  Yet the U.S. is one of the only developed countries in the world that doesn’t require labeling.

Connecticut and Maine each passed GE labeling laws this past spring, but both bills include a trigger clause requiring several other states to also pass labeling bills before the new laws can be implemented. Vermont was the first state to pass a no-strings-attached labeling law, set to go into effect in 2016. The campaign in Oregon narrowly lost a state ballot initiative to label GE foods--by a mere 837 votes--in November, making it the closest election in the state's history.

Numerous states are already planning to introduce GE food labeling bills in 2015 or are considering ballot initiatives of their own. In 2014, 36 bills were introduced in 20 states and experts are projecting the number to be as high or higher in 2015.
It is clear that the U.S. public supports mandatory labeling of GE foods - it's time for FDA to use its authority to give us our right to know.

That's why Center for Food Safety filed a formal legal petition with FDA demanding that the agency require the labeling of GE foods and has spearheaded a drive with the Just Label It coalition to direct two million comments to the FDA in support of our petition. We have surpassed the one million mark--help us reach our goal of 2 million!

Please send your comment to FDA and President Obama in support of mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods!

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