Tell Congress to Dump the Biotech Riders!

As you may have read, both the House Farm Bill and Agriculture Appropriations bills were put on hold as Congress counted down the days until the beginning of their August recess on Friday. Unfortunately, the failure to pass either of these bills through the House means the fate of the biotech riders could be decided during secretive “closed door” negotiations between a handful of Representatives and Senators, who will try to strike a deal while the rest of Congress is away during the recess.

Together, these industry-promoting “riders” in the House seek to override judicial review of GE crops found to have been approved illegally, gut USDA analysis requirements, create a forced backdoor approval of “Agent Orange” corn and other GE crops and to compel a first-ever policy for allowable levels of transgenic contamination in America’s crops and food supply. If passed, these riders would undermine the few laws that are currently in place to protect farmers’ rights, our health and our environment from the many adverse impacts of GE crops.

We need your help to make sure the controversial Monsanto riders stay out of those negotiated bills!

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