Demand the White House protect our nation’s bees

It’s time to demand meaningful action from President Obama!

Over the summer, the White House released a Presidential Memorandum outlining efforts to protect the nation’s vital pollinators, including the creation a new federal task force to "promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators."

While this announcement was certainly a step in the right direction, we need to make sure the White House follows through with swift and meaningful action to protect honey bees and other pollinators. It’s well past time for the United States to step up and curb the impacts of bee-toxic pesticides (like “neonics”) from killing more bees and contaminating our environment. We need your help to put pressure on President Obama and the administration to make sure they do the right thing and protect pollinators from bee-toxic pesticides!

The Task Force is set to submit its recommendations to the White Houseas early as mid-December. We must remind the White House that we expect strong, meaningful action on bee-toxic pesticides when they release their Federal strategy in the coming months.

It is unacceptable for EPA to avoid meaningful, national action. Their current considerations to merely update pesticide labels and encourage states to adopt their own pollinator protection plans are not nearly enough. Bees and other pollinators have been increasingly exposed to these harmful pesticides for long enough – we need action NOW to stop the harms of bee-killing pesticides.

Let’s make sure any actions coming from the White House and our government agencies are strong and effective – pollinators have already suffered enough at the expense of harmful pesticides.