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Dear Governor Kitzhaber,

I am writing to urge you NOT to allow canola production, especially of genetically engineered canola, in the protected areas of the Willamette Valley. ODA’s short-sighted ruling, which would invite canola, including GE canola, into the protected zone of the Willamette Valley, could mean the ruination of the specialty seed industry.

Plants grown for seed must meet extremely high purity standards. Even low levels of contamination could prove devastating for seed growers, whose markets reject transgenic contamination. Canola also produces huge numbers of seeds, and large numbers are left in the field after harvest, generating numerous “volunteer” canola plants, which ensures a contamination threat for years to come. Many customers of Willamette Valley seed growers claim they will not renew their contracts if canola is planted in the protected zone.

This temporary rule would have a permanent, irreversible effect on seed production in the Willamette Valley. I do NOT approve of canola planting in the protected areas of the Willamette Valley and I do NOT approve of this process.

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Willamette Valley Canola Ban in Jeopardy

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