No Fracking on Public Lands

Help us send the Obama Administration 250,000 messages telling them not to frack our lands!

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just released a disastrous new set of fracking rules for federal lands and they’re covered with the industry’s fingerprints. The BLM is now accepting public comments, but we have less than a month to make our voices heard. Help beat back the corporate influence on our democracy and join in a flood of comments demanding the BLM protect our communities by banning this extreme fossil fuel extraction process. 

Here’s a quick review of what’s wrong with the proposed rules:

  • Limited chemicals disclosure. The new rule allows the industry to hide the chemicals they’re using, claiming them as trade secrets, and allows industry to report after a well is already fracked.
  • Meaningless well-bore integrity tests. Key safety inspections on the cement barriers in individual wells only needs to be tested on a single well and can then be applied to others. This is the barrier that protects groundwater.
  • Allows open-pit water storage. The new rules continue to allow open-pit water storage of highly toxic waste water, threatening air, water, and nearby communities.
  • Acidizing isn’t covered. Acidizing, a process similar to fracking, is completely exempt from the draft rules. It’s already being used to drill in California’s Monterey Shale and is a clear threat to communities.
  • DOESN'T ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE! The fact of the matter is we already have too many fossil fuels than we can afford to burn and have a safe climate. We shouldn't be using new, dangerous technologies to dig up more fossil fuels.

This action is no longer active.

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Progressive Democrats of America

Progressive Democrats of America

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