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Thank you for taking action. Now please call your Representative using the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121, and tell all your friends and contacts to do the same before the House votes--expected early in November.

Tips for Effective Calls and Issue Advocacy:

When you call, ask to be connected with the staffer working on farm, budget and/or economic issues. Do not go into a long discussion with whoever answers the phone, unless he or she is the appropriate staffer. If you cannot speak with the relevant staffer, ask to leave a voice mail message.

Try to establish a rapport with the staffer whether speaking to them or leaving a message. Mention your town, etc. to identify yourself as a constituent. Keep your comments brief and focused on restoring full Food Stamp (SNAP) funding.

Try to remain positive and polite. Let the staffer speak without interrupting them--even if they interrupt you. Thank the staffer for taking time to speak with you. Ask them to read back the main points to ensure you've made your case clearly. Offer to send a follow up email, then hang up so more of us can call.

Sample Script:

Some in Congress think people don't care about food stamps, but I care deeply about hunger in America. and I will remember your vote on SNAP when I vote next year.

We need your help in this fight; in a nation with 50 million hungry people, 17 million of them kids, even one penny in cuts is not acceptable.

Increasing hunger and punishing those who have suffered most from the recession is wrong. Taking food away from hungry children is wrong. We need your help to stop the planned cuts and to restore full funding. You can help by spreading the word!

Please tell your friends to write (and call) their Representative, asking them to oppose any legislation that cuts Food Stamp funding, and demand Congress fully restore all funding using this link:

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Tell Your Reps No Cuts to Food Stamps

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"ACT NOW to restore $20.5 billion in cuts to the food stamp program. Increasing hunger is wrong. Punishing those who have suffered most from the recession is wrong. Taking food away from hungry children is wrong. We need to prevent those cuts. Together, we can help. Please click on the link below and share with all your Facebook friends!"

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