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Help Win Justice for Governor Don Siegelman

Dear Supporter,

PDA National Advisory Board Chair Mimi Kennedy has been working closely with Dana, former Governor Don Siegelman's daughter. She writes:

Governor Don Siegelman
and His Daughter Dana

Don Siegelman should be a star in the Democratic Party. Instead, he's a former elected official sentenced to prison by a right-wing judge in Alabama. Siegelman had the temerity to be a popular Alabama Democrat who'd won every statewide office by 1998, when he first became governor.

With Jewish and Catholic roots, and empathic appeal to minorities, he threatened the GOP "southern strategy" for a dominant one-party Republican nation. To the GOP, Siegelman was potentially Another Clinton--as repellent to them as Another Cuba.

U.S. Attorney Leura Canary, a friend of Karl Rove's, incited Siegelman's prosecution for bribery, destroying his political career and hurting his family. Read this letter signed by 113 former attorneys general and other national leaders, both Democrat and Republican. They assert that the prosecuted "bribe" wasn't one, and that, if this conviction stands, it threatens every public official and contributor at every level of government. Such routine transactions, if prosecuted, would choke our courts.

The "bribe"? Don Siegelman wanted to create a state lottery that would provide funds for Alabama youth to attend state college for free. Richard Scrushy, CEO of HealthSouth, donated $500,000 for a campaign to convince Alabamans this was a good idea. The lottery referendum went on the ballot. The half-million didn't benefit Siegelman's gubernatorial campaign or him personally--unlike, say, the billions being poured into the current presidential race via the super PACS and individuals like Sheldon Adelson. [Read complete
Article Here].

Mimi appeared on her fellow PDA Board Member Thom Hartman's show, discussing this case. You can help redress this gross injustice! Sign Don Siegelman's Petition.

For Justice and Fairness,

Tim Carpenter and the PDA National Team

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