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Time for Congress to Get Back to Work - Pass Single Payer Healthcare NOW!

Dear Supporter,

On Wednesday, October 16th, PDA joins other state and national single-payer allies in a call-in day to U.S. Congressional members to gather cosponsors for HR676, the national improved and expanded Medicare for all for life bill.

Spread the word. Many members of Congress who were cosponsors of HR676 in the last Congressional session have not cosponsored this time around, and there is no reason we cannot work together to get them back on the bill. Progressive members have no good reason to not co-sponsor and every good reason to do so. We also need to add new co-sponsors to the ranks of those forging ahead for health care justice and the economic sanity that comes with single-payer reform.

PDA has long stood with our progressive allies to block cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and we will continue to fight to protect those programs. It is not an appropriate way to end the federal budget impasse by cutting the programs that protect so many people from poverty and suffering. We do not accept and will not support any sort of "grand bargain" that is grand only for politicians and their wealthy donors/corporations and injures the vast majority of the working class and American society.

Some representatives have not signed back onto single-payer or HR676 because they want to wait and see how the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare works out and they fear appearing less than supportive of that law during this phase of the implementation. We can assure those Congressional members that even if the ACA is fully implemented, the work remains to advance health care as a human right without financial barrier and remove the greedy, corporate interests from our health care system. We must educate them about the need to move ahead now as we know many millions of people will still face being uninsured or under-insured.

Join us.

Everybody in, nobody out.

Our eyes are ever on the prize: single-payer, improved and expanded Medicare for all for life, HR676.

These are more than just words to be chanted or typed in a message. It is our commitment to each other and a future for our children that is more peaceful, healthful and free. We will not rest, and we hope you will join in the national call-in day and ask your colleagues, neighbors and friends to do the same. We need many voices speaking clearly and loudly. Join us. Make your call and ask others to call too.

Your for single payer,

Tim Carpenter, National Director

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