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Signed by John Nichols and Robert McChesney

Dear Supporter,

PDA 's great friend John Nichols and his Dollarocracy co-author Robert McChesney joined PDA for events in Sherman Oaks and Orange County California Sunday and Monday. They met with PDA supporters like you, and discussed their book Dollarocracy.

This book is a must-read guide to getting big money out of politics--a major objective for PDA and all progressives. We're proud to offer copies of the book signed by John and Bob to PDA members who step up now to support our ongoing efforts to restore Democracy by ending Dollarocracy.

Your one-time donation of $50 or your Sustaining $10 or more per month donation will get you a signed copy of this great book, and will also help us continue our Healthcare NOT Warfare, Windmills NOT Weapons, and other progressive campaigns.

Your donation now will help us continue support for fearless candidates like Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren. Your support keeps us fighting for you in DC and coast-to-coast.

We especially need you to join our Change Makes Change program. Of course, any amount is greatly appreciated. Your donation will be invested wisely, providing you the maximum progressive bang for your buck.

Thank you so much for any support you can give right now to support peace, healthcare as a human right, social and economic justice, and much more! Every dollar you give brings us one step closer to a more progressive world.


Tim, Conor, Andrea, Judy, Kim, Mike H, Jeanne, Janis, Mike F, Kurt, and Deb
Your PDA National Staff

PS: Still not convinced. Watch John discussing this must-have book and firing up the troops in Madison, Wisconsin; then please donate what you can and consider joining our Change Makes Change program.

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