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Do Not to Condone Murder--Postpone Colombia FTA

Tell President Obama Not to Condone Murder--Postpone Colombia FTA

Last October, when President Obama signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia, he did so under the condition that Colombia would address its grave labor rights issues.  In April of 2011, the Labor Action Plan was drafted and added as a stipulation to the FTA.  It calls for, among other things, reform of criminal codes and the criminal justice system to better protect unions and union members.  Since the drafting of the labor code last April, as many as 28 union leaders have been murdered in Colombia--four in January alone.  

Clearly Colombia has not done enough to rectify the problems or protect their workers.  Do not let the US become complicit in violence and intimidation against unions workers.  Join both the AFL-CIO and SEIU in telling President Obama to postpone the implementation of the agreement until union members no longer face persecution or death at the hands of their employers. 

President Barack Obama

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Thank you for standing with workers everywhere.