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Tell Your Representative and Senators You Want Fair Trade Not Free Trade

Tell Your Representative and Senators You Want Fair Trade Not Free Trade

Democracy not corporatocracy

The US is currently negotiating two massive trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) behind closed doors. Together they represent a threat to farmers, workers, food safety, and democracy. Under previous free trade agreements like NAFTA-the North America Free Trade Agreement, farmers in all participating countries lost income and farms at alarming rates. Current studies estimate that 90% of workers will see a drop in income as a result of TPP; the manufacturing sector will be especially hard hit. In addition, participant countries may be forced to accept food inputs that meet only the lowest safety standards of any member country and labels such as GMO-free could be seen as trade barriers and therefore prohibited.

These agreements will affect all of us, and yet members of Congress will be asked to vote to approve them before most have even seen the text.  The combined lack of transparency during the whole process and the request to “Fast Track” the agreements without public debate means there is no chance to change or even fully understand the more harmful aspects. 

Instead of a Fast Track, we need a public debate and provisions that will benefit, not harm, farmers, workers, and consumers in all member countries. Take a minute to tell your Senators and Representatives that you want a fair trade policy, not a Fast Track to benefit the 1%.