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Stop Suicide Seeds in Brazil

Stop Suicide Seeds in Brazil

Brazil's Congress is once again considering legalizing Terminator seeds with two new bills. Terminator technology refers to plants that have been genetically modified to render sterile seeds at harvest -- it is also called Genetic Use Restriction Technology or GURTS. Terminator seeds are often refered to as suicide seeds by farmers. Terminator technology was developed by the multinational seed/agrochemical industry and the United States government to prevent farmers from saving and re-planting harvested seed. Terminator has not yet been commercialized in the United States, but Brazil's recent moves aim to undermine farmers' right to save seed while streamlining the corporate takeover of the Brazilian countryside. For further information visit the ETC Group's website.

According to Rafael Alegria of Via Campesina, "Terminator is a direct assault on farmers and indigenous cultures and on food sovereignty. It threatens the well-being of all rural people, primarily the very poorest." The legalizing of Terminator in Brazil would have global implications, including as a violation of the United Nations moratorium on Terminator technologies, in place since 2000 at the Convention on Biological Diversity (ETC Group).

Take action! Sign the petition to Brazil's Commission on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) and urge them to reject the Suicide Seed bill!

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