The buses are full.   We hope that you aren't too disappointed, but we can promise another time soon when you will be needed to take your place in the streets!  In the meantime,  we still need people to sponsor riders.

Join the Vermont Fossil Fuel Freedom Fighter delegation as we get on buses and head to DC for the weekend of February 16 - 17.   It's President's Day weekend, so we're taking our message to President Obama - the Keystone XL pipeline needs to be shut down once and for all.

The last time we stood up against Keystone XL, thousands of us surrounded the White House – and it worked. We beat the odds and convinced President Obama to take a year to study it. Now that year is over, and Mother Nature has filed her public comments: the hottest year in American history, a horrible ongoing drought, and superstorm Sandy. And still Big Oil is pushing as hard as ever for their pet project, looking for even more private profit at public expense.

Buses will leave Burlington at 8:00am on Saturday, February 16th.  The buses will be making stops in Burlington, Montpelier, White River Junction, Brattleboro, Middlebury and Rutland. We'll spend the night in DC to rest up for a day of action on the 17th, and return home on the bus Sunday evening.  We will leave DC after Sunday's action and after we've had time to grab some food for the road.  Estimated arrival time back in Burlington is 5:00am on Monday.   Minimum donation of  $25. The bus costs $75 so please donate more if you can. (Note: food & lodging not included). This is important work you are doing, so please consider asking friends and family for support if this is too much for you to pay on your own!   And nobody will be turned away from the bus due to inability to pay.

Bus Schedule:

Depart Burlington @ 8am 2/16 * (Waterfront Park, foot of College St.)
Arrive at 1009 11th St NW, DC  between 6:00&7:00pm (Hostelling International)