No new transportation funding without reform! And not without a better bill!

Tell the Virginia General Assembly we need real transportation reform not more of the same approach that's gotten us nowhere. We’ve taken a hard look at the issues and here’s what we think:

  • VDOT is wasting too much money on the wrong projects, like Route 460, the Coalfields Expressway, Charlottesville Bypass and NOVA Outer Beltway. That's $5.5 BILLION in waste. There's still time to redeploy that money.
  • Eliminating taxes on gasoline is bad economics & bad transportation policy. It will increase driving, reduce transit use, and increase congestion.
  • The state sales tax should not be used for statewide transportation because it diverts funding needed for K-12 education, universities, health, public safety and conservation.

Your representatives need to hear from you!

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