No more delay! On to the Zoning Commission

Enough already! David Alpert got it exactly right in Greater Greater Washington when he said,

"Foes of DC's zoning update have the script down to a science. If the Office of Planning (OP) doesn't change its proposals to cater to their wishes, they shout that there hasn't been enough public input. If OP does give in, claim that the plans are "a moving target" and call for more input anyway."

Ultimately, to finish the zoning update process, the Zoning Commission must hold another series of public hearings before voting on the final proposed update. But now, the D.C. Council's role providing oversight on OP and its progress on the zoning update seems to be verging on meddling.

Some Councilmembers have urged further delay to the process that started in 2007 and is already two years late! How much longer can we wait?  Council Chair Mendelson has presided over several Council hearings grilling OP on the zoning update, even though the Council has no direct role in revising the zoning code. Other Councilmembers who have professed their commitment to smart growth and a modern, updated zoning code now seem disinclined to speak up. What gives?

Tell Chairman Mendelson and the rest of the D.C. Council that enough is enough - we want the Zoning Commission to act, not more Council hearings!

Subject: Please, no more zoning update hearings