As a concerned D.C. resident, I agree with Pro-DC, a project of the Coalition for Smarter Growth and Greater Greater Washington, that revising D.C.'s 1950s-era zoning regulations will help to take a great city with great neighborhoods and turn it into an even more vibrant, walkable, and inclusive place.

I would like to see real progress made in the following areas:

  • Better options for homeowners to create an accessory dwelling unit without a long and burdensome process. More residents will be able to rent out a basement or garage to help pay the mortgage, give a young person the opportunity to live in the neighborhood, and let seniors age in place in their own homes.
  • Recognition that parking minimums require more parking than people need and damage the historic and walkable form of many neighborhoods. Easing parking requirements in downtown areas and along busy transit corridors will help to create and preserve walkable, vibrant neighborhoods and provide more accessible housing options for more people.
  • Reasonable allowances for local corner stores in residential areas. The ability to walk just a short distance to local, neighborhood-friendly amenities enriches our neighborhood fabric.
  • A simplified zoning code with clear rules that can be followed by your average resident. We want to make sure the zoning code is accessible to everyone - not just land use layers.

In order to support this process and ensure that Washington D.C. continues to grow in a sustainable way, I pledge to testify briefly before the Zoning Commission when they hold hearings onthe issue of updating the zoning code. I know that by giving a short 30-90 second statement of support as a D.C. resident that I can help move forward the cause of a progressive zoning code update by being part of the large showing of support for such an endeavor from every corner of the city.

I understand that Pro-DC will follow up with me with further information on hearings I can attend and testify once that information becomes available!