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Dear Supporter,

Annapolis is paying attention – but we’ve still got a lot of work to do if we want to save the Purple Line, the Red Line, and other critical Maryland transit projects.  

Now is our moment to tip the debate and win support to fund these transit projects and other smart transportation priorities. But we need you to help make this happen!

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This moment is pivotal.  

If legislators don’t act in the next few weeks to create a statewide solution for new transportation revenue, then really important transit projects like the Purple Line, Red Line, and improvements to MARC service will miss out in the race for federal funds and be delayed for many years.  If our leaders stall, they will be foregoing the opportunity for all Marylanders to gain the benefits these projects will bring: real transportation options, economic development, improved air quality, and traffic relief. 

Thankfully, we’re hearing some positive rumblings from Annapolis. House Speaker Mike Busch was quoted this week saying,

“The race now becomes for the best transportation system, in terms of attracting businesses and generating economic activity… I would rate it highly probable that something gets accomplished.”

We’re doing all we can to improve that probability.  

In just a few short weeks we’ve gained a lot of momentum: over 30 organizations have joined the Get Maryland Moving effort, the push has been covered by the Washington Post and several other outlets, and we’ve generated over a thousand petitions and emails to legislators. But we can be even louder, and we’ll need to be to ensure legislators find the courage to act now on this issue.

Please take a minute to send an email >>

Thanks so much,

Kelly Blynn
Coalition for Smarter Growth

P.S. Can you join us in person in Annapolis next Wednesday, March 6th? Click here for details and to sign up.  We’ll be bringing the energy of the Get Maryland Moving coalition members to demonstrate to the press and legislators the widespread support for smart transportation investments. We hope you can make it!

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