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Dear Supporter,

Have you heard about moveDC? It's the District Department of Transportation (DDOT)'s initiative to put together a coordinated, multimodal long range transportation plan, addressing all modes of transportation in the District.

The moveDC plan will incorporate livable streets, roadways, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, freight, maritime, and railroads, as well as an implementation element.

DDOT is doing a lot to encourage public participation and input into the plan. On February 9, they held a day-long public idea exchange, and are now transitioning into a series of four public input meetings across the city.

moveDC is the most important opportunity we'll have to influence the shape of transportation in D.C., so if you care about these issues, please plan to attend a meeting (and let us know which one you plan to attend!):

     March 20 @ 6:00 PM - Dept. of Employment Services Comm. Room
     4058 Minnesota Ave NE - RSVP with CSG

     March 21 @ 6:00 PM - Matthews Memorial Baptist Church
     2616 MLK Jr. Ave SE - RSVP with CSG

     March 26 @ 6:00 PM - Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School
     659 G St NE - RSVP with CSG

     March 28 @ 6:00 PM - Wilson High School
     3950 Chesapeake Street NW - RSVP with CSG

Thank you for your support for sustainable transportation in the District! Now is the time to ensure D.C.'s sustainable transportation legacy.


Aimee Custis
Coalition for Smarter Growth

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