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I oppose the death penalty and support its repeal. I consider the death penalty to be a failed public policy because:

- My tax dollars are better spent on providing services and restitution to the victims of crime, especially families who have lost a loved one to murder.

- The cost of the death penalty system is much greater than if life without parole is the maximum sentence.

- The punishment is irrevocable. Many innocent men and women have been exonerated and released from death rows, or tragically, executed.

- Too often, those executed are from poor families, under-educated, or people of color.

- Too often, those executed have had inadequate counsel.

- States without the death penalty have lower murder rates than states with the death penalty.

- The death penalty is a violation of human rights and a perpetuation of violence in our society.

I urge all elected officials in Delaware to support repeal of the death penalty.
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