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Fri, Nov 16, 2012
4:30 PM

Russian Consulate Petition - Syria

We the undersigned are signatories of the US Citizens Letter to the Russian Consulate

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Petition to the Russian Embassy
FNVW is organizing a petition to support a letter (see Citizens letter below) to the Russian embassy imploring the Russian government to actively be a part of a process which brings an end to the horrific violence that is now occurring in Syria. Daily killings of innocent people must be stopped. Please fill in the blanks in order to sign our petition.


We are a group of concerned citizens, non-governmental organizations and faith communities trying to find ways to stop the violence against the people of Syria. The death of over 35,000 is horrific and this human suffering cannot continue. Over 400,000 Syrians are refugees, resulting in an overwhelming humanitarian and destabilizing crisis for neighboring countries. To stop this deplorable situation, the people of Syria must be our first priority.

We urge Russia, as well as all international and regional powers, to stop sending weapons into Syria, to fully support an arms embargo by all outside countries on all parties to the conflict and to support the human rights of the Syrian people. We encourage all parties to the conflict to abide by international human rights standards.

We hope all countries will respect the will of the Syrian people and let them choose their own path under internationally monitored conditions.

The ongoing killing, the destruction of Syria’s economic infrastructure and its housing stock with the resulting anarchy is proof that there is no military solution to this crisis. Ultimately, there can only be a negotiated one. Given Russia's key role with Syria and its position in the international community, we are asking the Russian government to reconsider its positions and take a leadership role in supporting an enforceable UN resolution that will halt the violence and lead to a meaningful transition process.

The Coalition to Stop the Violence in Syria

Friends for a NonViolent World