Leadership, Not Partisanship

Add Your Voice: State Senate Republicans Should Vote to Expand Medicaid in Michigan!

Michigan Republicans have chosen extreme partisanship over leadership in failing to expand Medicaid in Michigan. That’s shameful.

A growing number of Michiganders are urging Republicans in the State Senate to finish the job they were elected to do – schedule a vote to expand Medicaid in Michigan.

Join me in signing a petition today calling on State Senate Republicans to come back to work to expand Medicaid immediately.

Elected leaders shouldn’t jet out of town while important work – like expanding health care for over 400,000 Michiganders – sits unresolved. While the Republicans are enjoying their vacations, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders are one medical emergency away from potential financial disaster.

Add your name to the petition today and tell the State Senate to put leadership above partisanship.

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