We Support Solar Rights in Virginia

Dear Governor McDonnell,

We deserve the right to produce our own power!

In other states, schools, churches, nonprofits, and other community organizations are able to go solar and save money on their utility bills using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

A PPA is a way of financing a solar system where someone else owns and maintains the solar system installed on your building. You pay the owner for the power that the solar panels produce, much like how you now pay your existing utility for power.

PPAs are an important tool for nonprofits, churches, and other organizations because they allow these organizations to take advantage of federal tax incentives that reduce the cost of a system by up to 50%.

Right now we're not allowed to use PPAs in Virginia and we think all Virginians should benefit from solar energy! Allow PPAs in Virginia!

This petition has a goal of 500 signatures
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Number Date Name Location
159 1 month ago Anonymous Purcellville, VA
158 9 months ago Shawn Roe Hampton, VA VA needs to much more substantially support solar if it wants to (1) create jobs, (2) improve the local economy, and (3) protect the future of the environment.
157 1 year ago Brian Guilbault Chesapeake, VA
156 1 year ago Rachel Arenstein Richmond, VA
155 1 year ago Robert Soltess Herndon, VA
154 1 year ago Marcus Walther Virginia Beach, VA
153 1 year ago Helen Kafka Alexandria, VA Dominion is needlessly fearful of losing its monopoly. Most of us will still get at least some of our electricity from the grid.
152 1 year ago Douglas McNeill Greenbelt, MD
151 1 year ago Kathy Northcutt Richmond, VA We absolutely love our solar panel installation, and the hot water, electricity they provide. It only makes sense to harness the power of the sun. Please allow Virginians to make use of PPAs.
150 1 year ago Anonymous Lake Ridge, VA I installed 2.5 Kw system. I had been looking into PPA and did not realize it could not be done in VA. This should be changed!!
149 1 year ago Scott Muench Glen Allen, VA I have 14 panels system the works just great, it has been an inspiration to my children and future generations.
148 1 year ago Edward Gaglione Virginia Beach, VA
147 1 year ago Christopher Risch Blacksburg, VA
146 1 year ago Sue Hines Richmond, VA
145 1 year ago Dan Salkovitz Richmond, VA
144 1 year ago Mary Kelly Charlottesville, VA
143 1 year ago Joel Guzman Dunn Loring, VA I have both photovoltaic and solar thermal panels installed on my home.
142 1 year ago Robert Hawes Steilacoom, WA
141 1 year ago Clinton Fitzgerald Mount Solon, VA We have a 26-panel, 6.6 kWh grid-tied photovoltaic system on our barn roof.
140 1 year ago Frank Tugwell Falls Church, VA
139 1 year ago Joseph Robers Surry, VA We have a passive solar straw bale home with solar hot water and an small array. In the near future we are hoping to finish the array and go off grid or maybe grid tie.
138 1 year ago Denis Asselin Cheyney, PA
137 1 year ago Toni Grant Richmond, VA
136 1 year ago Robin Rogers Blacksburg, VA
135 1 year ago Philip Hostetter Sterling, VA We've got a passive-solar-designed home with solar hot water and a 26-panel photovoltaic array. Hoping for a negative electric bill a few months this year.
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