Join our solar working group and help take your school solar!

Interested in taking your school solar, but not sure where to start? This is the group for you!  

Composed of people interesting in taking their school solar, this group will meet weekly via phone and work through the process of going solar together. We’ll help you figure out the best approach for your school, connect you with experts in your area, and support each other through the process.

The working group will meet via phone every two weeks and work through the process of taking your school solar.

Schedule (Please note the new dates for each working group!)

  • Monday, April 22nd at 2:00 PM EST
    • Introduction to Solar for Schools. Get an overview of how to take your school solar
  • Monday, May 6th at 2:00 PM EST
    • How to Pay for Solar. Learn how to pick a model or approach to purchase or finance a solar system for your school. 
  • Monday, May 20th at 2:00 PM EST
    • Working with Decisionmakers. Learn how to convince your school to go solar!

No experience in solar is necessary! All you need is an interest in taking your school solar; we will help with the rest.

Fill out your info below to join the working group: