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New York Post & Rupert Murdoch: Stop Lying About Occupy Wall Street

On Monday, December 31st, the New York Post reported that weapons and high explosive powder were found in the home of a Greenwich Village couple. Featured in the article was an evidence-free assertion that one of the accused is an “Occupy Wall Street activist”.

Add your name now to hold the NY Post accountable and protect Occupy from false allegations!

This petition has a goal of 2000 signatures
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2264 1 year ago Gail Breakey Waipahu, HI
2263 1 year ago Gail Breakey Waipahu, HI
2262 1 year ago yrldhlvbp yrldhlvbp fkzrpg, CT aNiJnA <a href="">qrrfequgxmhz</a>, [url=]hzpytpokgvue[/url], [link=]xzcdazadthfe[/link],
2261 1 year ago ecesqlj ecesqlj ebYchXQPDbduiyRPm, NY 4Jfuiz <a href="">lubhqdesxtke</a>, [url=]bnmubckrjmyu[/url], [link=]yqoxfqlcvrsx[/link],
2260 1 year ago czpliumsbx czpliumsbx dCJncBSgUkz, ID stsYL3 <a href="">mtvacfeyjfbj</a>, [url=]drzjivkyrnou[/url], [link=]epobzyeudtge[/link],
2259 1 year ago ljzvthvpr ljzvthvpr FYdjHwLdOhhiUe, OR dnLUnx <a href="">jxueuwqmvijn</a>, [url=]kjizdwlufjpf[/url], [link=]fxogthfrjgcj[/link],
2258 1 year ago ucmozrxmqfy ucmozrxmqfy QbxRceGTNQaaS, WY PBuGo2 <a href="">ogfebvtcgvvu</a>, [url=]dmylatzsalhc[/url], [link=]gwqpenxokmof[/link],
2257 1 year ago ybhlbojazig ybhlbojazig WibZVbsX, VI lr8eTT <a href="">majxzlyphfwo</a>, [url=]ttmssetekitb[/url], [link=]baiulzgylcyd[/link],
2256 1 year ago charles pace sacramento, CA, petition: “Disarm Citizens United.”

“Move To Ignore” This is the precursor to the 28th amendment which will not arrive for 7 years & we can’t wait that long.
It is an imme...
2255 1 year ago Peter Kasabian Los Angeles, CA
2254 1 year ago Melissa Steffey Sugar Hill, GA Stop lying about OWS
2253 2 years ago Anonymous Tracy, CA Propaganda is not Journalism....
2252 2 years ago Casey Aldridge Concord, NC
2251 2 years ago Anonymous cocoa, FL What do you expect from a wanker?
2250 2 years ago Roberta Herold Yellville, AR Print the truth for a change.
2249 2.1 years ago Anonymous Tallahassee, FL It is your ethical and professional responsibility to uphold the journalistic code of ethics in the practice of factual and unbiased reporting, and you are failing miserably. The cesspool of rotting...
2248 2.1 years ago Cory Hrycko New Concord, OH Journalism has been degrading for some time now. This is just one step further from the search for truth, and one step closer to what will sell the most.
2247 2.1 years ago Rachel Graham Brooklyn, NY
2246 2.1 years ago Anonymous Hatfield, PA Whatever happened to investigative journalism?
2245 2.1 years ago Brown Seattle, WA Journalism? Really?!

Hoping for responsible professionalism,
Janette Brown
2244 2.1 years ago Curtis Bard Orchard Park, NY We don't ask no quarter fro the likes of you, all we ask is that you TELL THE TRUTH!
2243 2.1 years ago Carolyn Doric Harrisburg, PA
2242 2.1 years ago Anonymous Atlanta, GA I would have expected better of you. No I no longer will.
2241 2.1 years ago John Thorssin Toms River, NJ The NY Post's attempt to link Occupy Wall Street with terrorism is shameful. It is reminiscent of Murdoch's News Corp's scandal in Britain which harmed so many innocent people. We are not terroris...
2240 2.1 years ago Kerry Logan Wenatchee, WA
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