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New York Post & Rupert Murdoch: Stop Lying About Occupy Wall Street

On Monday, December 31st, the New York Post reported that weapons and high explosive powder were found in the home of a Greenwich Village couple. Featured in the article was an evidence-free assertion that one of the accused is an “Occupy Wall Street activist”.

Add your name now to hold the NY Post accountable and protect Occupy from false allegations!

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2238 2 years ago Sam Pittman Why would you want the New York Post to descend to the level of The National Enquirer?
2237 2 years ago Karin Spak Yatesville, PA
2236 2 years ago Anonymous Houston, TX This is absolutely unjust in every conceivable way. We, As Americans, have the right to know the truth. We have the right to LIVE that truth, and to deconstruct any obstacle that is of the old-parad...
2235 2 years ago Esther Schmeer Surrey, BC Occupy Wall Street stands up for what is right and just; therefore, it needs to be celebrated, not demonized.
2234 2 years ago Albert Strickland Savannah, GA
2233 2 years ago Anonymous What kind of world do you want? More and more people are voicing their desires for a just and free world. We will continue to press our will for Unity. It's time. Join us?
2232 2 years ago Charles Kuyper Homer Glen, IL
2231 2 years ago Annie Clark Willimantic, CT What ever happened to Journalistic Integrity?
2230 2 years ago Pat Montee Cullowhee, NC
2229 2 years ago Sally Jane Gellert Woodcliff Lake, NJ if only the tea party people realized they are also victims of wall st greed. The complete range of middle class peoples are the 99%. Stop the obfuscation at once and leis.
2228 2 years ago Gary Strawley Lancaster , PA mud is trying to con the American People! His lies are treason!!! He should be throw out of the country! He admits he is trying to buy up news shows and news papers! To con the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!...
2227 2 years ago Anonymous Pottstown, PA This type of stupid reporting makes me yawn. Get with it! Aside from your quarterly profits and that of your corporate sponsors, for the long term this type of misinformation does not bode well fo...
2226 2 years ago leroy Goren Baltimore, MD STOP LYING about the Occupy movement!!! Oh, I forgot you are owned by Rupert Murdoch. Lying is part of his pseudo-news empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2225 2 years ago Anonymous Worcester, MA
2224 2 years ago Joseph Valatka Salem, MA Reporting the news requires comprehensive fact-checking, integrity, and a firm commitment to remove bias. The first step on your road to redemption is to demand these from your journalists or remov...
2223 2 years ago Alan Barbier Chichester, NY
2222 2 years ago Anonymous Brooklyn, NY Occupy Wall Street must be given credit for raising the issue of Wall Street's responsibility for the destruction of the lives of millions of people here and abroad. Don't demonize OWS!
2221 2 years ago Carolyn A Ristau New York City, NY Honesty will triumph over lies intended to increase sales of your newspaper. For shame!
2220 2 years ago Carole Abrahams New York, NY Pls. publish your research on this, Thank you.
2219 2 years ago Angela Cali Woodland Park, NJ Thank God someone is standing up to the wall of corporate greed and power. We should be applauding and supporting them, not demonizing them.
2218 2 years ago Frank Ehrmann Chicago, IL
2217 2 years ago Timothy laurent Denham springs, LA the post and cluster fox noise yall are the turd that wont go down no matter how many times you flush we need extra strength plumbers on tha scene like racheal maddow and lawrence odonnel they h...
2216 2 years ago szmit Vichorek MN
2215 2 years ago Lars Sorensen The New York Post is nothing more than the NYPD's little poop-flinging monkey.
Both institutions need to be shut down.
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