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Dear Supporter,

Dear NY Post: We are not terrorists!On Monday, December 31st, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post reported that weapons and high explosive powder were found in the home of a Greenwich Village couple. The article also featured an evidence-free assertion that one of the accused is an “Occupy Wall Street activist”.

Take Action Now to Protect OWS from false allegations of terrorism

Our experience is that hyping falsehoods about Occupy Wall Street contributes to real and documented police violence, unconstitutional domestic spying activities, and the marginalization of constituencies and views that deserve respectful treatment by reporters.

We are concerned about the false allegations that OWS is linked to individuals involved in violence or criminal activity. And the New York Post is playing an especially prominent role in misinforming the public, as seen in their Dec. 31 piece alleging a (nonexistent) link between two suspects arrested with bomb making materials and Occupy Wall Street.

Demand a retraction and an apology from the New York Post on the same print and Web pages as the original accusation.

Since its inception Occupy Wall Street has been firmly committed to non-violence. Yet this is far from the first time that the Post has distorted the facts of a story in order to associate the movement with violence.

Tell Rupert Murdoch and the New York Post to stop their dangerous lying about Occupy Wall Street.

Join us, and help spread the word.

-- from concerned OWS activists

Note: A blog post about this issue appears here.