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Dear Supporter,

The sun is setting on a city by and for the 1%. It’s a New Day, New York, but it is up to us to convert hope to tangible change.

Join us tomorrow for a massive citywide mobilization demanding a New York that works for #AllofUS.

Last week the 99% took action at over 1,500 Walmarts across the country in solidarity with their workers. This week has been a week of action aiming to further unify low-wage workers, union members, activists, faith leaders and the rest of us across the board.

A united front is needed if we are to win against Wall Street, much less snatch power from the vice-grip of those who have rigged our political system against us.

Take action tomorrow in Foley Square at the gathering and march starting at 4:30pm.

We support our allies fighting to to stop the unchecked power of the 1%, breaking the links between big-money interests and the politicians that serve them, demanding development policies that build broad prosperity not wealth for a tiny few, and supporting organizing to boost paychecks for low-wage workers. And we are quite pleased to see so many Occupy offshoots and OWS veterans vocally taking part!

Not in NY? Check out the fantastic list of sample tweets and join the Twitter rally.

A new day is dawning -- and we are rising, together. Onwards!

-- from your Occupy Network team

p.s. You can also find the event on Facebook, OccupyWallSt.org, OccupyWallstreet.net and NYCGA.net.

Future emails will includes a partial listing of events with an action focus related to the Occupy Movement in New York City. Find a more comprehensive listing of OWS events, including assemblies and meetings, at NYCGA.net/events. Please email takeaction@occupynetwork.com about actions to consider for inclusion, and to contact us at large.

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