An Open Letter from Florida Religious Leaders

One of the many ballot measures Florida voters will encounter on November 6 is a proposal that would amend the state constitution for the sole purpose of limiting a woman's healthcare options. To defeat this unnecessary and dangerous amendment, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has partnered with Catholics for Choice, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Inc., and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to create Faith Voices Against Amendment 6. We believe that the decision to end a pregnancy is best left to a woman, in consultation with her doctor, her family, and her faith.

Please join us!

If you are a religious leader in Florida, defined as clergy, professors, heads of religious organizations, or others with prominent standing in your religious community, please sign the letter below and encourage your religious leader colleagues to do the same!

Please visit for more information about the overall campaign. We can only defeat Amendment 6 by working together. 

An Open Letter from Florida Religious Leaders to Florida Voters

Every Woman Deserves Compassion, Support, and Respect: Vote NO on Amendment 6

Dear Voters,

We, the undersigned religious leaders from all across the state of Florida, urge you to vote NO on Amendment 6 this coming Election Day. Amendment 6 is an unnecessary and dangerous proposal that interferes with a woman’s ability to make important decisions about her own health. We believe that the decision to end a pregnancy is best left to a woman in consultation with her doctor, her family, and through discernment of her own faith tradition and practices.

Sadly, sometimes a pregnancy can go tragically wrong. Some pregnancies result in serious fetal abnormalities, while others may place a woman’s health or future fertility in danger. When this happens, a woman and her family deserve all the medically available options. Our religious values call us to offer compassion, support, and respect to a woman and her family in these trying times.

In the circumstances when a woman and her doctor make the decision to end a pregnancy, it is critically important that she have access to care that is safe and legal. Much to the contrary, Amendment 6 does not even include an exception to protect a woman’s health, which means that even a woman with cancer could be prevented from getting the healthcare she needs! By limiting or eliminating options, Amendment 6 represents a dangerous intrusion into the lives of women and families in Florida.

As religious leaders from diverse traditions across the state, we urge you to oppose this unnecessary and demeaning proposal. Our wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and friends deserve our compassion, support, and respect—not judgment and political interference.

Please vote NO on Amendment 6.

In faith,
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Rabbi Ralph Kingsley Aventura
Rabbi Dan Levin Boca Raton
Cantor Ellen Stettner Boca Raton
Rev. William Brockman Boca Raton
Rev. Bonnie Devlin Bradenton
Cantor Alan Cohn Bradenton
Rev. John Lowe Bradenton
Rabbi Harold Caminker Brandeton
Rabbi Betsy Torop Brandon
Rev. Thomas Brenner Cape Coral
Rev. Mary Louise Dewolfe Citrus Springs
Rev. Leddy Hammock Clearwater
Rev. Abhi Janamanchi Clearwater
Rev. Thomas Gibson Cocoa Village
Rabbi Bennett Greenspon Cooper City
Rabbi Edwin Goldberg Coral Gables
Rev. Laurinda Hafner Coral Gables
Rev. Elizabeth Bostrom Coral Gables
Pastor Michael McMillan Dunedin
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin Fort Lauderdale
Rabbi David Spey Fort Lauderdale
Rabbi Lewis Littman Fort Lauderdale
Rev. Roger Grugel Fort Myers
Rev. Emily Morse Palmer Fort Myers
Rev. Elena Rigg Fort Myers
Rev. Dr. Wayne Robinson Fort Myers
Rev. Allison Farnum Fort Myers
Rev. Meredith Garmon Gainesville
Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt Gainesville
Rabbi Michael Joseph Gainesville
Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner Gainseville
Rev. James Rapp  Indian Rocks Beach
Rev. Ronald Jackson Jacksonville
Rev. Ronald Hersom Jacksonville
Rev. Jack Ford Jacksonville
Rabbi Jesse Olitzky Jacksonville
Hazzan Jesse Holzer Jacksonville
Cantor Tanya Greenblatt Jupiter
Rev. Randy Becker Key West
Rev. Susanne Nazian Lakeland
Rev. William Kemp Lakewood Ranch
Rev. Elder. Nancy Wilson Lakewood Ranch
Rev. Gaye Bosley Mitchell Largo
Rabbi David Kay Maitland
Rabbi Paul Plotkin Margate
Rabbi Jim Simon Miami
Rev. Wendy Pantoja Miami
Rabbi Moshe Thomas Heyn Miami
The Rt. Rev. Leo Frade Miami
Rabbi Rachel Greengrass Miami
Rabbi Gary Glickstein Miami Beach
Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz Miami Beach
Rev. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell Miami Beach
Anonymous Naples
Rev. Dr. Ron Patterson Naples
Seminarian Jennifer Dant Naples
Rev. Evelyn Plumb Naples
Rev. Dr. Linnea Pearson North Miami
Rev. Carole Yorke North Palm Beach
Rev. Brad Lutz Oakland Park
Anonymous Ocala
Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer Orlando
Rev. Kent Siladi Orlando
Rabbi Steven Engel Orlando
Rev. Kenn Hurto Orlando
Rev. Dr. Marni Harmony  Orlando
Rev. Terri Steed  Orlando
Rev. Janet Newman Orlando
Rev. Linn Possell Orlando
Rev. Kathy Schmitz Orlando
Rabbi Ari Shapiro Osprey
Rabbi Fred Natkin Palm Bay
Cantor Joy Katzen-Guthrie Palm Harbor
Rabbi Bradd Boxman Parkland
Rabbi Larry Mahrer Parrish
Rabbi William Schwartz Pensacola
Rev. Julie Kain Pensacola
Rev. Amy Kindred Port Charlotte
Rev. Jeanette Campbell Port Orange
Rabbi Jennifer Singer Sarasota
Rabbi Richard Klein Sarasota
Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas Sarasota
Rev. Ronald Miller  Sarasota
Rev. Dr. Paul Binder Sarasota
Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson Sarasota
Rev. Roger Fritts Sarasota
Rev. Brock Leach Sarasota
Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell St. Augustine
Rev. Kathleen Korb St. Petersburg
Rev. Susan Sherwood St. Petersburg
Rev. Bonnie Lipton St. Petersburg
Rev. Candace Shultis St. Petersburg
Chaplain Marvin Douglas Kraft St. Petersburg
Rabbi Michael Torop St. Petersburg 
Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser Stuart
Rabbi Johnathan Kendall  Stuart
Rev. Janet Onnie Summerfield
Rabbi Stanley Garfein Tallahassee
Rev. Diane Fisher Tallahassee
Rev. Robin Gray Tallahassee
Rabbi Noah Kitty Tamarac
Rabbi Joel Simon Tampa
Rabbi Hillary Rosenberg Tampa
Rev. Phyllis Hunt Tampa
Rev. Dr. Sara Zimmerman Tampa
Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson Tampa
Rabbi Jason Rosenberg Tampa
Rev. Russell Meyer Tampa
Rev. Ann Monroe The Villages
Rev. Eileen Norrington Titusville
Rev. Scott Alexander Vero Beach
Rabbi Stephen Pinsky Wellington
Rabbi Marci Bloch West Bloomfield
Anonymous Winter Park
Rev. James Armstrong Winter Park