Help Workers Build Secure Retirements                       

We believe all workers should have the tools they need to retire with dignity. However, this is not a reality for many of us.

  • 2.5 million private sector workers in Illinois have no access to a retirement plan through their employer.
  • Social Security provides almost 90% of retirement income for over one third of retirees.
  • Low-income workers, particularly those in the service industry and those working part-time, are even less likely to have access to this important savings tool.

Without a solution to our looming retirement crisis, Illinoisans face a great and increasing risk of retiring into poverty.

SOLUTION: The Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program (SB2758 / HB4595) is a simple, low-cost solution that will provide the retirement security that Illinoisans need. Learn More.

Support efforts to expand access to this vital savings tool for Illinois workers. Add your organization, financial institution, or business to our list of supporters.