Tell your Senators: Reject the Biotech Rider!

The biotech industry has quietly inserted a dangerous policy rider into the Continuing Resolution (CR), now being debated on the Senate floor - and voted on as early as tomorrow morning.  This rider would negate any meaningful judicial review of the USDA's decisions to allow planting of GE crops. 

Bottom line? This proposal will reduce the oversight of genetically engineered foods, and allow powerful interests to interfere with our right to know about our food.

Senator Tester has introduced an amendment to strike down this dangerous rider, along with Senator Boxer, Gillibrand and Leahy.  The Senate will vote tomorrow, so you must take action TODAY.

Fill out the form below to email your Senators, urging them to support the Tester amendment.

Afterwards, take a minute to call your Senators, and tell them to support the Tester amendment.  Call the Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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