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The USDA is currently deciding whether to approve a type of corn that is genetically engineered to withstand 2,4-D, a potent herbicide that may be linked to major health problems including reproductive abnormalities, birth defects, and several forms of cancer.

If the USDA approves this new corn, we won't be able to decide what's best to feed our families, since genetically engineered foods aren't labeled.

Before the USDA makes a decision, they want to hear from people like you. But they're only accepting comments from the public for a short period of time!

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Docket No. APHIS–2010–0103 - USDA

USDA approval of Dow's GE corn will trigger a big increase in 2,4-D use -- and our exposure to this toxic herbicide. Yet the USDA has not analyzed the resulting impacts on public health, the environment, or neighboring farmers (2,4-D is prone to drift and cause damage to nearby crops).

Commercial approval of Dow's corn will trigger an increase in 2,4-D use, but the USDA has not conducted a meaningful review of the consequent harm to native ecosystems, crop injury from 2,4-D drifting onto neighboring fields, or the evolution of weeds resistant to 2,4-D. Despite its short half-life, 2,4-D is frequently detected in surface waters throughout the United States and in groundwater in five states and Canada. Even the existing uses of 2,4-D have been found likely to jeopardize protected species such as Pacific salmon, and likely to adversely affect the California red-legged frog and Alameda whipsnake. USDA's proposed unrestricted approval of 2,4-D corn would worsen these impacts, as well as place many other similar and endangered species at risk. Yet the agency has refused to account for these adverse impacts.

I urge the USDA to reject the genetically engineered 2,4-D resistant corn until the environmental and public health impacts are fully addressed.
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