Tell the FDA: Parents want labels for GMOs

Parents want to provide their children with everything they need to excel in the classroom and at home – but how can parents guarantee the best for their children if they do not know about the food they feed them?

We are facing an onslaught of food products that we know nothing about: pink slime, corn resistant to the toxic 2,4-D herbicide, and apples genetically engineered to never turn brown.  It is easy to see why more than one million Americans have already contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking for mandatory labeling of GE foods.  And they are not alone: nearly 90% of American parents want GE foods labeled.

The FDA needs to hear from more parents.  Join the fight and ask the federal government to provide us adequate information about our food so we can make informed and smart choices for our families.

Please take a minute to sign the petition to the FDA below.  We all have a right to know about our food.

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