Contact Your Delegates TODAY: Support the Senate Budget Package

The State Senate passed a budget package last week that included full funding for education (click here to learn more about the major issues in education this session). While the Senate Budget Package did include a provision to shift half of the teacher’s pension costs from the state to the counties, a compromise was reached to shift the cost over a four-year period and included additional funding to blunt the impact to counties with lower wealth. The budget plan also includes a stronger Maintenance of Effort (MOE) law that holds counties accountable for fully funding education.

In order for our schools to have the funding necessary to ensure that children receive a quality education, we need you to contact your Delegates and House leadership and ask them to support the Senate Budget Package because it:

•    SUPPORTS new revenues for education;
•    SUPPORTS a strong MOE law;
•    MAINTAINS the 1% inflationary increase to the Thornton education formula; and
•    PROTECTS children in less wealthy jurisdictions.

Tell them our students and our future can’t wait. Click here to contact your legislators now!

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Thank you for taking action!