Occupy the Vote DC

617,996 Americans have no voice in their government.

They live in Washington DC, the supposed seat of democracy, yet they have no voting representation in Congress. They can only look on while outside politicians exert control over DC’s local laws and budgets to please their constituents back home.

Sign this petition to support the people of DC’s right to full democracy - the rights held by every other American - and give our capital’s disenfranchised people a voice.

While DC has been a second-class city since its inception, five people brought these issues back to national attention with a hunger strike that has lasted over three weeks. Like them, the city is hungry for democracy

Sign this petition and support the right of all people to be heard by their government.

DC should have the same freedom of self-determination as every other American city.

I support the right of all Americans, including those in Washington DC, to have full representation in Congress.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere