ACGA Past Conferences

1978    Chicago, Illinois
1979    Chicago, Illinois
1980    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1981    Denver, Colorado
1982    Boston, Massachusetts
1983    San Jose, California
1984    Austin, Texas  "Community Gardens - the key to urban food production in the 1980's"
1985    New York City  "Community Gardening - a tool towards greening the city"
1986    St. Louis, Missouri  “Community Gardening - Rooted in People”
1987    Seattle, Washington  “Community Gardening - Growing for a Livable City”
1988    Ashville, North Carolina  “Cultivating Communities in the Garden”
1989    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  “The Beet Goes On: Community Development Through Greening”
1990    Milwaukee, Wisconsin  “Community Gardens - Focus on Recycling: People, Land & Resources”
1991    Cleveland, Ohio  “Cultivating Community Leaders”
1992    Denver, Colorado  “Partnerships for Community Revitalization”
1993    Louisville, Kentucky  “Sustainable Communities through Greening:
1994    Chicago, Illinois    “Roots for the Community”
1995    Portland, Oregon  “Pathways to Community”
1996    Montreal, Quebec  “Branching Out: Linking Communities Through Gardening”
1997    Indianapolis, IN/Dayton, OH  “Taking Root, Building Community From the Ground Up”
1998    Seattle, Washington “Growing Ever Greener: Cultivating Healthy Communities”
1999    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  “Keep Dancing to the Beet— 20 Years of ACGA”
2000    Atlanta, Georgia  “Planting Millennium Seeds for Future Urban Growth”
2001    Salt Lake City, Utah  “Pioneering Self-Reliance, Conservation and  Leadership Through Community Gardening”
2002    New York City, New York  “Gardeners Restore our World”
2003    Chicago, Illinois  “Easy Being Green?”
2004    Toronto, Ontario  “Gardens of Diversity, Growing Across Cultures”
2005    Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  “Gardening in the Heartland – At the Water’s Edge”
2006    Los Angeles, California    “Rooting for our Future”
2007    Boston, Massachusetts  “Bean Town Digs Community Gardening”
2009    Columbus, Ohio  “Putting Down Roots”
2010    Atlanta, Georgia  “Holistic Approach to Building Sustainable & Healthy Communities, the Choice is Yours”
2011    New York City, New York  “Community Gardening Works”   
2012    San Francisco, California  “Community Gardening on the Cutting Edge”
2013    Seattle, Washington  “Cultivating Community, Harvesting Health:Community Gardens to Urban Farms”

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