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Ask Warner Bros to be transparent about where Harry Potter chocolate comes from

cocoa plant

Sadly for all of us chocolate lovers, the cocoa plant is one of the most corrupt agricultural crops in the world1, 2. We were upset to be presented an independent report by our trusted advisors at Free2Work that Harry Potter chocolate receives an "F" in human rights.

Given our positive relationship with Warner Bros, we engaged in several friendly conversations regarding our advisors' concerns that the cocoa was coming from kidnapped children and exploited farmers. Warner Bros responded3 citing a report they obtained, saying it negates the "F" grade in the Free2Work report.

However, Warner Bros will not let us see their report or tell us why.

As reasonable people who love the Harry Potter movies and want to work with Warner Bros as partners, we want to believe them! We really do. But Harry Potter would not simply take the Ministry on their word, and neither will we.

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show us the report