Stop Toxic Water Pollution from Coal Plants

Did you know that over half of all toxic water pollution discharges in the United States come from hundreds of coal-fired power plants? Currently coal plants in the United States are allowed to dump an unlimited amount of arsenic and other lethal poisons into our waterways. Existing standards that apply to coal plant wastewater were established over three decades ago and do not cover most of the worst pollutants.

The EPA acknowledges that existing guidelines have not kept pace with developments in the industry. As a result of federal court litigation filed by several conservation groups, the EPA has finally proposed the first ever national standards to limit toxics dumped into waterways from coal plants.

Though the proposed rule will set standards on toxic wastewater discharges, industry is working to hijack the process and coerce EPA into implementing a weak standard that would allow power plants to keep using our rivers and streams as their own personal dumping grounds.

Help us now by signing the petition below urging the EPA to adopt strong pollution standards that the Clean Water Act requires.

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