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The Kotel (Western Wall) is the holiest site in Judaism. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have complete control of the Kotel and the Western Wall Heritage Council, which administers the holy site. Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, Humanistic, and secular Jews have no representation on the council and therefore the Western Wall reflects only one type of Jewish practice. This petition is to show the Israeli government that the policy of giving one group complete control of the Kotel must be changed.

Petition on behalf of religious inclusion on the Western Wall Heritage Council
We, too, are Jewish. We, too, deserve a place at Judaism's holiest site

A call for the State of Israel to include on the Western Wall Heritage Council members who are not Orthodox so that multiple voices and religious views can be part of the administration of the Kotel.

We the undersigned believe the time is long overdue for our nation to recognize that there is more than one way to practice Judaism and to acknowledge the value and importance of supporting all denominations in Judaism. Israel’s Jewish heritage is a treasure that must be shared by all Jews and all Jews have a right to an equal voice in its stewardship.


1. Most of the Jews in the world are not orthodox and;
2. The Western Wall is universally accepted as the holiest site in Judaism and;
3. The State of Israel was founded to be the physical and spiritual home for the entire Jewish people and;
4. The Government of Israel must protect every Jew's right to worship freely in the Jewish state and;
5. Currently, only one denomination is given seats on the Western Wall Heritage Council which means that the needs and sensibilities of most of the world’s Jews are not represented at Judaism’s holiest site.

THEREFORE - We urgently call on you to

1. Appoint members to the Western Wall Heritage Council that represent a cross section of the world’s Jewish population; and
2. Appoint members in a way that shows gender equality; in order to
3. Allow a real conversation to begin about how best to make the Western Wall a site that serves as the cornerstone of Jewish life around the world and not as a reminder of how the majority of Jews must accept one group’s interpretation of our shared heritage.

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This petition has a goal of 50000 signatures
1-25 of 34107 signatures
Number Date Name Location
34107 Fri Nov 21 17:47:03 EST 2014 April Tessmer APO AE, US
34106 Tue Oct 21 10:40:57 EDT 2014 Anonymous Austin, US
34105 Thu Aug 07 11:09:06 EDT 2014 Caroline Baizer US
34104 Thu Aug 07 11:08:11 EDT 2014 John Baizer US
34103 Thu Aug 07 11:07:30 EDT 2014 Will Baizer US
34102 Thu Aug 07 11:05:47 EDT 2014 David Baizer US
34101 Thu Aug 07 11:04:13 EDT 2014 Rona Baizer US
34100 Wed Jun 25 09:39:29 EDT 2014 Lori US
34099 Fri May 16 10:59:33 EDT 2014 Janine Goldstein Austin, US
34098 Wed May 14 17:58:03 EDT 2014 Nancy US
34097 Wed May 14 14:34:16 EDT 2014 Jacob Jacobson Mercer Island, , US
34096 Thu May 01 14:02:16 EDT 2014 Fran Perry Georgetown, TX, US
34095 Thu May 01 14:01:26 EDT 2014 Fran Perry Georgetown, TX, US Everyone, man, woman and child should have access to the Kotel.
34094 Thu May 01 02:39:34 EDT 2014 Raye Rhodes Denver, US
34093 Mon Mar 17 22:15:19 EDT 2014 Jennifer Hisrich Bellevue, , US
34092 Tue Dec 17 00:31:54 EST 2013 MIRYAM FLINT MIAMI, US the kotel today looks like a circus. It has lost the beauty
of the spiritual uniqueness of every Jew and has become
dictatorial. I used to love being there. Today they don't let you BE!
34091 Thu Dec 12 19:38:48 EST 2013 Anonymous austin, US
34090 Thu Dec 12 14:35:00 EST 2013 Natalie Bowers-Benderly Austin, US
34089 Sat Nov 23 22:47:26 EST 2013 Jeni Drozd Austin, US
34088 Sun Nov 17 23:59:35 EST 2013 vivian yale NYC, US
34087 Sat Nov 09 17:56:03 EST 2013 joan weiner Atlanta, US
34086 Thu Oct 10 01:14:56 EDT 2013 Miriam Wolf CH-Rodersdorf, CH 202 -->201It is time to write in adition new Tora texts. We can not stay in the past time. Tora used to be a life process. Today women are eaquall and they decide as well as men how to pray and where.... Miriam
34085 Sun Sep 22 13:05:51 EDT 2013 Katelyn Seloff Austin, US
34084 Thu Sep 19 00:34:28 EDT 2013 Pamela Bona US
34083 Wed Sep 04 06:26:26 EDT 2013 David Dlugach Austin, US The Orthodox Should not control religious affairs for all Jews and this includes marriage
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