Tell Duke To Be a Leader

Send a message to Lynn Good Duke Energy's CEO now, and tell Duke Energy that this is NOT leadership!

When Duke Energy merged with Progress Energy to form the largest utility company in the United States, our organization wondered what kind of leadership to expect from the new corporate giant. After 18 months, we are gaining insight into how Duke Energy defines leadership. Unfortunately, some of the trends to date do not bode well for the new corporate leadership.

The third largest spill from a coal ash pond in U.S. history occurred Feb. 2, 2014 at Duke’s Dan River plant near Eden, NC. Duke officials continue to struggle to permanently contain that leak and new ones have since been discovered. The disaster sent 140,000 tons of toxic coal ash and contaminated water into the Dan River, threatening public drinking sources downstream and coating the riverbed for 70 miles in ash waste. Duke Energy is now subject to a federal grand jury investigation surrounding their response to this disaster and management of their coal ash impoundments at this site and others around the state. The company has yet to fully commit to clean up their coal ash ponds long-term, saying only that the company is looking for “alternatives” to their current coal ash management policies. They have also suggested passing the costs of cleaning up their ponds onto ratepayers instead of handling this responsibility themselves.

Furthermore, over the past few months it is becoming increasingly apparent that Duke will attempt to aggressively roll back policies that support solar power development in its service territory. Duke CEO Lynn Good and other Duke Energy executives are now engaged in a broad campaign to mislead the public about the ‘cost’ of net metering. In addition, Duke’s energy efficiency plan in North Carolina is less than half of what leadership utilities in other states are doing over the same period. The story is even worse in Florida, where Duke is not expected to advance even the modest goals or program designs they have adopted in the Carolinas.

It's time for Duke Energy to be a leader; let's take a stand, and tell them to clean up coal ash, stop misleading the public about solar power and net metering, expand their efficiency programs and not gouge customers for nuclear power. You can find out more information on Duke's lack of leadership here.

Send a message to Lynn Good Duke Energy's CEO now, and tell Duke Energy that this is NOT leadership!

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