Tell Florida's Biggest Power Company: We Need Solar in the Sunshine State!

Florida Power & Light (FPL) is the biggest power company in Florida, and one of the biggest in the nation, with about 4.7 million customers – serving over half of all Florida’s customers. The company made a $1.3 billion profit last year. Given the company’s size and influence, how it views solar power matters.

The company recently announced a “new” solar energy program to construct up to 2.4 megawatts (MW) of solar PV over the next 3 years. If that doesn’t sound impressive, it’s because it’s not - it’s downright disappointing. Furthermore, the solar program would be funded by voluntary customer contributions of $9 per month.

Meanwhile, the company filed a petition asking the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to discontinue its popular solar rebate program that has helped residential and commercial customers install solar on rooftops since 2011. The company paints solar power as not cost-effective and providing limited value to its system.

As we've said before, Florida – sunnier and more populated than any other southeastern state – has the third largest rooftop solar potential in the U.S, yet it installed less solar over the past three years than neighboring Georgia installed in 2013 alone (91 MW). And FPL, the state's biggest power company, has not bought in on solar in the Sunshine State. In fact, FPL President, Eric Silagy, states that its program will help “truly gauge customer interest in supporting solar power.” Apparently, the company needs more convincing to join the clean energy future. This is not leadership.

Send a letter using the form below, and let FPL President, Eric Silagy, know:

The Sunshine State's largest utility has to support solar power!

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