Tell Governor McCrory: Support Clean Energy!

As the North Carolina General Assembly commences this year, clean energy jobs and the state’s economic prosperity and environmental integrity are at risk.

Send a quick message to Governor Pat McCrory now, and urge his administration

to support the development of clean energy in North Carolina!

The benefits of clean energy have never been clearer. The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association reports that the state’s clean energy sector – including both renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency – supported 15,200 jobs and generated over $3.7 billion in gross revenue in 2012. Further, the evidence of climate change is real and upon us – 2012 was the hottest year on record for the contiguous United Stated.

Don’t let 2013 be the year North Carolina halts the economic development and environmental progress achieved over the past five years. Use the form below to send a message to Governor McCrory, letting him know that it’s in the state’s best interest to continue supporting clean energy development.

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