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Ask your Representative to Censure Michele Bachmann

Email a letter to your U.S. Representative asking him/her to call for the censure of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her abuse of power and attempts to intimidate Muslim-American public officials.

After you've entered your address and zip code, our database will pull up your Representative's name and contact info. Suggested letter text will also load in to get you started. You can revise it any way you'd like-- We recommend adding your Representative's last name to the greeting at top to customize it and, of course, adding your name at the end of letter.

Anything you can do to make your letter more personal will help it to stand out. Add some language about why you feel strongly about this issue or why you want your local Representative to lead the charge in the US House. 

Thanks for playing a key role in this Christian Change Campaign to hold Michele Bachmann accountable.