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Thank Senator Barickman for Voting for Equality

On February 14, 2013, the Illinois Senate voted 31-24-2 to pass Senate Bill 10: The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.

Senator Jason Barickman was the lone Republican to vote YES that day. He is now facing nasty attacks from the far right and Christian conservatives for castng this well-reasoned, courageous vote for fairness for all families and equal treatment under the law for every Illinoisan regardless of their sexual orientation.

Please use our online action center to send a thank you letter to Senator Barickman letting him know you respect his decision and his principled leadership. Elected officials need to know that progressive Christians will stand with them when they do the right thing. Let Senator Barickman know what his vote for equality and fairness means to your family.

After you've entered your basic contact information, our suggested text can get you started. Feel free to revise it to tell your story.