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Trayvon Martin
Posts reflecting on the Trayvon Martin verdict

AFSC seeks a new board clerk


Emmett Till. Arthur McDuffie. Rodney King. Oscar Grant. Trayvon Martin.

I’ve been saying these names as a prayer since I heard the George Zimmerman verdict. Can we live and act in a way that Trayvon Martin’s name becomes the last in the long succession of brutality caused by the deep sickness of racism? Can we wake up?

It seems to me that since the verdict was read that the truth is being revealed, the veil of white privilege, the cloud of denial, has been lifted for a moment, creating an opportunity for all of us to see the depravity of the system maintained with inaction, with complacency, with justifications, with the insane rationality of white privilege.

NOW is a moment that can change us if we understand fully, deep in our bodies, that this can never happen again, if we are willing to put our lives on the line to commit to making the changes, having the conversations, saying “no,” to circumstances that render us all less than human.

What will you do? Movements are created in moments like these. Remember these names, say them as a prayer, invite your community to collectively work for the change we can no longer deny children like Trayvon, the change we can no longer deny any of our children.

In peace,

Lucy Duncan
Friends Liaison

Posts reflecting on the Trayvon Martin verdict

Dis-Heartened: on recognizing the disease that killed Trayvon

Quaker healer Niyonu Spann reflects on the unmediated pain after hearing the George Zimmerman verdict. “I had to get to a place where peaceful people could not be at peace with this...”

I am George Zimmerman: Getting past denial so we can begin to heal

I consider the veil of white privilege and racism and how to overcome denial and work to heal. “We live in a culture that builds walls and enclosures, prisons and gated communities. These walls are possible because of the walls we build around our hearts, walls made from fears that keep us from accessing the family of God.”

Why I work for Social Justice and Healing

This is an article published in Friends Journal, in which I reflect on the murder of Trayvon Martin.  “I understand how I am connected to George Zimmerman’s fear and Trayvon Martin’s mother’s pain. I understand that until all children are safe, no one is really safe.”

AFSC seeks a new board clerk

AFSC is seeking a Quaker to serve as the new clerk of the board. The clerk search committee is hoping to find candidates with organizational development experience, honed clerking skills, experience working on non-profit social justice oriented non-profits, and who is committed to the mission, vision and values of AFSC. Experience with AFSC is important, but we want to hear of and from a wide range of candidates. If you can recommend someone or feel a leading to serve, please send the search committee the names that occur to you. Submit nominations by August 20, 2013.

Read the letter from the search committee

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