No budget deal without deep cuts to Pentagon spending


If sequestration goes into effect March 1 and is not reversed, the Pentagon could face $500 billion in cuts over the next decade–and that’s certainly the right direction for our country.

But also on the chopping block are vital social programs that address human needs and community well-being. Counter-proposals are circulating in Congress to protect these “people programs” and enact sensible tax policy changes—but none of those proposals will keep substantial Pentagon cuts in the equation. 

We must keep the pressure on to ensure that any budget deal includes cuts to address runaway Pentagon spending, which has skyrocketed over the last decade. 

Step 1 - Select a Recipient

Using our system, you can send letters to multiple newspapers in your area. They want to hear from you in your own words, and personalizing the template we provide will increase the likelihood that your letter is printed.


  • Visit papers’ websites to find the title and date of a recent article on sequestration, and reference it in your letter.
  • In the last paragraph, refer to a local budget issue that matters in your community—for example, “closing the $700 million Chicago Public Schools deficit.”

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