Support a Just and Lasting Peace in Palestine and Israel

Tell Congress to support a just and lasting peace that guarantees freedom, equality, and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis.

For more than two decades, the U.S. has facilitated negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis with the stated goal of achieving peace. However, these negotiations have not resulted in an agreement. One reason for this is that the terms of the agreement that the U.S. has proposed—the annexation by Israel of major settlement blocs, limited right of return for a small number of Palestinian refugees, continued Israeli control over most of Jerusalem, continued Israeli oversight of Palestinian borders and airspace, and the phased establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state on portions of the West Bank and Gaza—are completely unacceptable to most Palestinians. Another reason is that as negotiations have proceeded, Israel created facts on the ground (settlement construction, home demolitions, land confiscation, resource confiscation, etc.) that have made realizing a negotiated solution much more difficult.  

If the U.S. is serious about wanting to help achieve a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians, we must change our policies and push for an agreement that is based on the ideals of freedom, equality, and justice.  

Take action—demand that your legislators support a changed U.S. policy.

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