Ask Congress to oppose the bed quota

Make sure your members of Congress continue to listen to immigrant families and their concerns about the devastating impacts of the “bed quota” policy.  

On July 9, 2014, immigrant youth and families made the journey from Newark, NJ to Washington, D.C., where they told Congress how immigration enforcement policies tear apart their families. Thanks to hundreds of emails from AFSC supporters, policymakers were present to hear their concerns.  

Now we must ensure Congress continues listening to the voices of impacted communities and heeds their call to end the immigrant bed quota.  

The bed quota policy requires 34,000 immigrant detention beds to be maintained every single day. This directive lines the pockets of private corporations and county governments that house detainees. Keeping people locked up due to their immigration status separates loved ones and harms our communities.  

Please ask your members of Congress to oppose the bed quota today.

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