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  • It's time for plastic-free waters

    Microbeads harm our water | PHOTO: Olga Lyandres/FlickrOver the last year, we’ve been telling you about our science team’s efforts to highlight the emerging dangers of microbeads, those itty-bitty pieces of plastic in products like body scrubs and toothpastes that are showing up in our Great Lakes. Today, we’re happy to share that those efforts have paid off: Two bills are poised to be introduced that would stop the manufacture and sale of personal care products that contain microbeads.
    Based on Illinois’s 2014 law to ban microbeads, these bills have manufacturers phasing out the use of microbeads in their products in the next few years and ultimately off store shelves. Having worked with legislators to spearhead the effort here, we’re happy to see these among the first bills of the new session.

    It's time for plastic-free waters: Contact your legislators and ask them to show their early support for these important bills!

  • Show Your Love for Dane County's Lakes & Rivers

    sunset over the sugar riverYou’ve seen the effects of polluted runoff: ugly, smelly algae blooms that make our waters unhealthy and unusable. In Dane County, our lakes and rivers are central to our community identify, so it’s vital that we take steps to reduce runoff and protect our water resources.

    That’s why we enthusiastically support Dane County’s proposed 2015 budget. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has proposed budget initiatives that keep excessive phosphorus and other pollutants out of our waters. The proposed budget builds off of existing efforts to protect water, helping both farmers and municipalities implement smart practices to reduce polluted runoff. These practices include technology to remove 100 percent of the phosphorus from manure and increased storage capacity to keep manure off of the land during times with high potential for runoff. 

    Clean Wisconsin is working to support efforts in Dane County and other areas of the state to reduce polluted runoff, so it’s exciting to see local governments taking a stand for clean water. Showing a dedication to our water resources is showing a dedication to our community.

    Take action today to let the county board know that you support these initiatives in the 2015 budget.

  • Protect Public Health: Support the EPA's Carbon Pollution Standards

    It’s no secret that pollution from power plants contaminates our air and water and makes people sick, especially children and the elderly. And while power plants have to limit their emissions of dangerous toxins like arsenic, lead and mercury, there are no limits on carbon pollution, which is causing climate change. 

    This is troubling. The American Medical Association links climate change with increased rates of respiratory disease like asthma, Lyme disease and heat-related ailments.  

    The good news is that something can be done. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants input on its first-ever limits on carbon limits for power plants. These rules will help move us toward cleaner air ... something we can all appreciate. 

    With these standards in draft form, your support is crucial. Tell the EPA you want strong carbon pollution standards for power plants today!

    **Personalized comments carry more weight; feel free to add your own stories and thoughts in the email to the EPA below!

  • Protect Wisconsin's Waters from Climate Change

    lake-erie-algae bloomWe’re fighting on all fronts to protect and preserve Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers, but climate change threatens to make that a much harder fight. 

    As we’ve seen recently on Lake Erie and many of our inland lakes, algae blooms are impairing our precious waters. Climate change will make this problem even worse by fostering the conditions that help harmful algae blooms thrive. On top of more intense and frequent algae blooms, climate change is also expected to result in lower lake levels, aquatic life die-offs and more invasive species.

    The fate of our lakes and rivers is at stake.

    The good news is there’s something that you can do to protect Wisconsin’s waters from the threat of climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants input on its first-ever limits on carbon limits for power plants, the biggest source of climate change pollution. Submit your comment in support of the rules today.

    These rules will help us move toward a cleaner, more efficient electricity system, cleaner air and cleaner water for the health and enjoyment of everyone in Wisconsin.

    **Personalized comments carry more weight; feel free to add your own stories and thoughts in the email to the EPA below!

  • Carbon Rules Public Comment for Health Professionals

    History is unfolding, and we have a chance to put an end to dirty air for future generations. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the first-ever standards to limit carbon pollution from American power plants.

    With one-third of our nation’s greenhouse gases coming from power plants, this is a big dealA really big deal, not in the least because the rules would prevent thousands of premature deaths and anywhere from 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.

    With the standards currently in draft form, your support as health professionals is crucial.  Tell the EPA you support the carbon pollution standards today.

    **Personalized comments carry more weight; please add your own stories and thoughts in the email to the EPA below. 

  • Carbon Rules Public Comment for Clean Energy Businesses

    The EPA released their proposed limits on carbon pollution for power plants this June. Because they will be such a major driver of clean energy investment, it is critical that clean energy businesses are loud and clear in their support of these rules. 

    The comment period is open through December 1st, 2014.  

    ATTENTION: Be sure to fill in your business name and what you do in the comments below. Also feel free at add or edit anything to the sample comments. In fact, the more your are able to personalize it, the better. 

  • Clean Energy Choice

    Imagine there is only one dealership you can buy your car from, and that dealership won't allow you any choices to lease your car or haggle with your over the price.

    Sounds crazy, right? Well that's what's happening right now with renewable energy. A gray area of the law has brought into question whether developers can pay for a renewable energy system and have it hosted at a business, home or farm while allowing the host to buy the energy generated.

    The bipartisan Clean Energy Choice bill would clarify that these systems are legal, and the host can buy the energy.

    Unfortunately, utilities are fighting this commonsense measure, afraid of losing their monopoly on energy production because people want to generate clean power from solar panels, small wind turbines and bio-digesters. But we know freedom to choose your own energy production helps lock in long-term rates and create jobs.

    Contact your legislator TODAY and ask them to add their name in support of the Clean Energy Choice bill, LRB 4412.

  • Back to the front of the pack

    Wisconsin can be a leader again in clean energy, like solarLately, it's been tough for renewable energy in Wisconsin. States like Iowa and Minnesota are plowing ahead developing wind and solar resources. Meanwhile, we’ve fallen to the back of the pack and rank last  of all the states with renewable energy goals. To add injury to insult, we’re sending $12 billion out of state annually to meet our energy needs and losing out on a lot of job growth and economic potential because of it.
    Enter the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Act. This forward-looking package would put Wisconsin squarely back on track by prioritizing renewable energy again.
    The bill would strengthen our current renewable energy goal to 30% by 2030 and includes other policies to ensure a fair price
    for renewable energy systems and a provision that would help homeowners and businesses with the upfront costs of owning a system on their property.

    It’s time to show our policy makers that we’re ready to go back to the front of the pack. The bill is open for co-sponsorship through tomorrow (Friday 2/28), so contact your legislator TODAY at ask them to co-sponsor the Wisconsin Renewable Energy Act.

  • EPA: Don't Water Down Carbon Pollution Limits for New Sources

    One-third of the U.S.’s greenhouse gases come from power plants … let’s seize this opportunity for cleaner air!

    As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the EPA has drafted rules limiting carbon emissions for new power plants. This is very good news and a positive step for the health of future generations.

    The draft rules would limit a new coal plant to no more than 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour, a sharp but positive cut from the current 1,768-pound average. Gas-fired plants would be limited to 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour.

    It’s about the air we breathe. It’s about our way of life. It’s about our future.

    With the rules still in draft form, we need your voice. Tell EPA you support these higher standards for new power plants.

  • Support the Mercury Thermostat Recycling Bill

    fishing at sunsetOne gram of mercury is all it takes to contaminate a 20-acre lake. And the fish in that 20-acre lake. The fish you and I catch in that 20-acre lake and feed to our families.

    And that one gram? That’s less than the amount of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, in one of those old, round thermostats that homeowners and builders are increasingly replacing with programmable options. And because Wisconsin doesn’t have convenient options for recycling these mercury-containing devices, they often end up in landfills where the mercury leaches out and into our water.

    And the closest lake.

    Thankfully, there's a bill in the state legislature that would provide convenient recycling options and incentives for properly recycling old mercury-containing thermostats. Ask your legislators to support AB 424, the Mercury Thermostat Recycling Bill, today.

    It is estimated that between 5,000 to 9,000 children born in Wisconsin every year are at risk of health issues because of mercury consumption. And every inland lake in the state is under a fish consumption warning because of mercury. Gram by gram, lake by lake, thermostat by thermostat, we can change these facts.

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