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Dear Friend,

For close to 20 years, Feminist.com has served as the definitive online hub for resources and information dedicated to women’s equality, justice, wellness and safety. We have provided a network for building and facilitating connections around such issues as women’s rights, anti-violence activism, faith and spirituality, and women’s leadership in politics, education, and business.

Feminist.com has been operating on a shoestring budget for all these years.  Yet we know we have an important role to play as a convener of feminist thought leaders and organizations, and we are now asking all of our closest friends and supporters to please support us at this time of real need in order to help us maximize our capacity and potential to create positive change.

Your gift will make a meaningful and immediate impact, enabling us to:

* fund an operating budget that will allow us to hire and adequately compensate a small staff.

* plan a redesign of our site in order to better present and organize our site's content and features and re-imagine Feminist.com with an eye towards how we can best serve our worldwide visitors and the collective movement.

* continue critical work like our widely-cited Anti-Violence Resource Guide and our first microsite Our Inner Lives, and carry out exciting new initiatives like Women & Leadership, Young Voices, Women & Peace, and Men & Women As Allies.

* continue to organize our popular FemSalon events, making them accessible to wider audiences, spotlighting timely themes and showcasing prominent thought leaders, as we have on topics such as The State of Feminism, Women & Money, Women & Peace, and Our Inner Lives.

Your generous support can make these and other transformational projects possible!

Although we live in challenging times, we know that the future holds great possibilities for all women and girls.  Again, we give our heartfelt thanks for your support of Feminist.com, our initiatives, and the communities we serve. 

Together we will change the future for women and girls around the world!

With gratitude,

Marianne Schnall

Founder and Executive Director

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